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June 3, 2018

So, when I started my business back in 2010, I used photoshop for everything. Everything! I didn't realize this was why had little consistency in my lighting/color pallets and lacked a recognizable style. Not to mention editing a gallery seemed to take a century! Discovering Lightroom Presets/batch editing cut my turnaround time at least in half! Here are some of tips for speeding up your edits in Lightroom:


     1. Invest in a Preset package. Lightroom presets are designed to enhance your photos in just a few clicks and they are a life saver! Finding/creating a preset that matches your style will help cut down your editing time by a landslide, even if you are only doing minor edits. For example, if you always bump the contrast, lower the saturation of your greens and add a vignette to every image in post processing, you could create a preset with those settings, apply the Preset to you're entire gallery upon import, and not have to fiddle with those edits at all. Personally, I invested in the LIGHTROOM & ACR PRESETSINSPIRED BY FILMBYJASMIN JADE and then tweaked a few of my favorites to personalize them to fit my style! I have a specific preset that I use with each import, so when I begin my editing, I am already a step closer to my final images!

      2. Use the "Match Total Exposures" tool. I'm not sure what I did before learning this trick, but it is another huge time saver in matching my exposures in similar lighting situations. This one is simple! In Lightroom, select the photos that you want to match, click Settings > Match Total Exposures. For some reason, "Sync Settings" does not achieve this same result, so I typically match my exposures first and then remove exposures from my "Sync Settings" tweaks to get the best matched lighting.


     3. Use the "Sync" button. This button has always been one of my favorite ways to save time. After applying my presets and matching my exposures, I make some final tweaks to each image. The "Synchronize Settings" tool helps cut down the time spent on this step because I can sync the edits for similar photos instead of tweaking each and every one. I usually uncheck the Exposure, Spot Removal, and Crop from these batch edits because I like to make those tweaks individually.



 If you have any questions about these steps, or have any other huge time savers, feel free to message me! I am happy to share my secrets and love learning new tricks myself. Happy Sunday!





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