A Leap of Faith

January 29, 2018



Hey, guys! So, as many of you know, this past year has definitely the most monumental for both my personal life and my career. Coming into 2018 was super exciting but also pretty intimidating considering all of the changes that happened in December. In case you missed it, I got engaged to the love of my life, quit my job and took on photography full time all in the midst of moving out of our new apartment as my future husband takes on his next mission with the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in Italy. (I know right....)


After thinking about what the year ahead looks like, I had to think long and hard about my role as a charity walk organizer. Although I loved my job the past two years and was very thankful for the opportunities to travel and grow as a professional in the non-profit world, when I pictured how 2018 was going to go, working a full-time-desk-job in Towson just wasn't part of the plan. So, right before Christmas, I put in my notice and took a big risk. I followed my heart, put my faith in God and have been putting all of my energy into getting my name out there in a super intimidating and competitive field.


I am super excited about this new adventure and am willing to put in all of the hours of late nights and side hustling in order to make ends meet until things pick up in the spring. I am thankful to have found a window of opportunity to make room for doing work that I love; Work that connects people of all colors, shapes and sizes - Especially at a time where our world feels so divided; And work that challenges me to face my fears and hustle to build a business that I'm truly proud of. I hope my clients leave sessions with The ShutterBee Effect feeling like they've spent time making memories with a friend instead of showing up to an appointment with a stranger pointing a machine at their face.


So, here's to saying "no" to letting society put us in a box and "yes!" to risky career moves. This year, let's get outside, get our hands dirty and stay inspired by God's creations because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!




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