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September 4, 2017



When I first thought about rebranding my photography business, it was my priority to communicate who I am as an artist, as an entrepreneur and as a 20-something year old woman with a vision for compassion through every detail of the creative process. As a photographer that has a strong belief that every action - no matter how small - has a larger effect on the world, I wanted to find a name that better represented that motto than the one I had. I also wanted my new business name to incorporate camera references, give off woodsy vibes and be noticeably "Britt."


After many hours of thoughtful conversations with my patient and talented boyfriend, my passionate family and some of my most creative and thoughtful friends, I knew that nailing down a name was one of the, if not the most important step in redefining my business. That being said, I am proud to finally announce that as of today, September 4, 2017 my photography business will now be known as:

The name, inspired by the Chaos Theory (also known as The Butterfly Effect) symbolizes the crazy beautiful whirlwind of life I have experienced over the past 25 years. When I look back on my experiences, I see them as a series of chapters that were each monumental in shaping the next. I have always believed that a domino effect occurs after each decision that we make. I genuinely feel connected to every mistake as well as every victory that has led me to who I am today. I wanted my business to be a reflection of my self awareness and I truly feel like The ShutterBee Effect does just that.


For those of you who encouraged me while I pursued a degree in photography despite the criticism I received for studying art at Penn State, thank you for trusting my vision. For my clients who have let me into the most intimate moments of your life, thank you for sharing those memories with me and treating me like a friend. For those who have liked, shared and commented on my work online, you have inspired me to pick my camera up on the toughest days, share my emotions through creative work and writing, and trust my instinct to pursue a career as an artist.


I am emotionally connected to this launch because it symbolizes something so much bigger than photography for me. It symbolizes my past, my memories, my values, the law of attraction, new beginnings and a whole lotta love.


A special thanks to the following people who went above and beyond to help me me bring this vision to life:


Will Stanley
Lori Trappe
Jonny Trappe
Butch Trappe
Beth Newell
Brooke Brungart
Anna - The Anchored Creative Studio
Erin Meadows - Erin meadows Photography


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Thanks again for supporting my daydream. Today, I am on Cloud 9!


Happy Labor Day! Cheers to doing WORK!

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