My Story.

Hey, I'm Britt! I am an enthusiastic, adventurous lifestyle photographer who is passionate about telling stories of hopeless romantics and wilderness junkies. My style is natural, artistic and intimate and my goal is to capture the authentic narratives of real people.

The ShutterBee Effect, inspired by the Chaos Theory (also known as The Butterfly Effect) was founded upon my strong belief that every action - no matter how small - has a larger effect on the world. When I look back on my past experiences, I see them as a series of chapters that were each monumental in shaping the next. I have always believed that a domino effect occurs after each decision that we make. I genuinely feel connected to every mistake as well as every victory that has led me to who I am today. I wanted my business to be a reflection of my self awareness and I truly feel like The ShutterBee Effect does just that.

A little about me: In addition to being an adventure photographer, I am also the wifey of a paratrooper and step momma to our perfect 4 year old daughter! Recently, we moved to Vicenza, Italy which has brought a new perspective to my excitement for intimate storytelling. I love traveling, creating, meeting new people and WINE 😋 so I truly feel like Italy is a dream come true for me. I wake up every day excited about life with so many ideas and hopes for the future. Part of me can’t believe I’ve already been here for a few months and the other part feels like I’ve been here forever. I prayed long and hard for my marriage, my family and these adventures, so I feel so blessed to join the military community in such a special place like Vicenza. When I'm not outside capturing moments with my camera, you can either find me spending time with family and friends, snuggled up with my man on the couch, or diving into God's word at church or bible study.

Behind the camera, I am committed to capturing life's special moments, both bold and tranquil. I live for raw candid moments that connect all of us especially at a time where our world feels so divided. I want sessions with me to feel like an experience with a friend making memories instead of an appointment with a stranger pointing a machine at your face. So, let's get outside, get our hands dirty and stay inspired by God's creations because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!

© The ShutterBee Effect 2019

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