June 20, 2018

 This girlie always makes my job easy when she gets in front of the camera! This was my first elementary school grad session, and I must say it was just the stinkin' cutest! It was super fun to channel my inner school kid while helping Mya and her momma capture the memory of this special day. Congrats again, Mya! Your future is bright!

June 14, 2018

Last week, I shot one of my favorite city sessions ever! Morgan and BJ wanted their engagement photos in Fell's Point, Baltimore since that is where they had their first date & I'd say we channeled our city vibes pretty perfectly! It was special to hear their love story while exploring this adorable cobblestone-filled city. I encouraged them to sip wine and reminisce about their memories here which brought out their giddy personalities effortlessly. Congrats again to these soon to be newlyweds!

June 5, 2018

I was SO excited when I was invited last minute to take a trip to the University of Delaware to capture these grad photos for this group of beauties! It is so crazy to me that sessions like this are considered "work" because I have so much fun meeting new friends and exploring new places. Our two hours together flew by and was full of sharing stories and lots of laughs. Congrats to these recent UofD ALUMNI!

June 4, 2018

This maternity session really put me in my feels last week! I'm so thankful that my job brings so much happiness and celebration into my life. From families to friends, weddings and babies, I really have seen it all this past month. Capturing these life moments means so much to me and makes me super grateful that I'm in a place in my life where I can do photography full time. Caroline and Elan were the sweetest expecting couple and I can't wait to hear the name of their baby girl when she arrives! Congrats, love birds!

June 3, 2018

So, when I started my business back in 2010, I used photoshop for everything. Everything! I didn't realize this was why had little consistency in my lighting/color pallets and lacked a recognizable style. Not to mention editing a gallery seemed to take a century! Discovering Lightroom Presets/batch editing cut my turnaround time at least in half! Here are some of tips for speeding up your edits in Lightroom:

     1. Invest in a Preset package. Lightroom presets are designed to enhance your photos in just a few clicks and they are a life saver! Finding/creating a preset that matches your style will help cut down your editing time by a landslide, even if you are only doing minor edits. For example, if you always bump the contrast, lower the saturation of your greens and add a vignette to every image in post processing, you could create a preset with those settings, apply the Preset to you're entire gallery upon import, and not have to fiddle with those edits at all. Personally, I inv...

June 1, 2018

    Sessions with this beauty are always so much fun! I have been working with Remi since she graduated high school in 2011. Her smile is so radiant and her joy just shines from inside her soul which makes my job super easy! The camera absolutely adores her and so do I!

It is super humbling to have clients that keep coming back through the years with their important life moments. I am so honored to share these memories alongside them and be a little part of their story. I can't wait to see where life takes Remi. I know she is going to do incredible things! Congrats, girl!

May 30, 2018

I felt like it was just yesterday I was tossing Tori around in stunts and tumbling when she was the youngest kiddo on my cheer team. Here we are 15 years later talking about our career moves during her Graduation Session. It was so fun catching up and meeting one of her sorority sisters last week while they showed me around campus. I'm so proud of this pretty lady and am still in denial that she isn't 12. Congrats Tor!

May 28, 2018

A wise professor of mine at Penn State once warned me that "it's not a question of IF you're going to lose your files, but WHEN." I always took this advice seriously because it had already happened to me and sadly, I expect it to happen eventually happen again. This week, I wanted to share some advice on how to lower your risk of losing your images and protect yourself in case you do:

     1. Take care of your memory cards. As simple as this sounds, it's an easy one to forget! These little chips are the keeper of our product, so keeping them safe is one of the most important things to handle with care other than our camera/lenses.

     2. Back up your files as soon as you can. I dump my photos onto my computer as soon as I get home from a shoot. It's been recommended to me to bring my computer and download my files before leaving the site (especially at weddings). I will admit, I need to be better about this because having all of your eggs in one basket is not a great idea...

May 22, 2018

What a dreamy wedding this one was! I loved being a part of this intimate, romantic wedding at Hunting Hill Mansion in Newtown Square last Saturday. Gail and Glenn were smiley and smitten all day long and their vows were just the sweetest! We were a bit nervous about the weather, but the misty fog added to the mystical vibe of this majestic venue. I was honored to make the trip to Pennsylvania to capture this timeless love story!

May 21, 2018

So, let's talk about lighting. Something that I find interesting is that my clients are always shocked to hear that I am not a fan of shooting in bright sunlight. In theory, sunny days seem like a great vibe for a photoshoot, but in reality, bright sun = Stronger shadows, squinty eyes, and unwanted sweat. Not sounding so glamorous anymore, huh?

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and cringed because of the contrasting shadows on your face or the amount of unflattering detail caused by harsh light? As much as we love our sunshine, the big ball of fire in the sky is often to blame for many photos that we typically "untag" ourselves out of. So how do we fix it? Here are a few tips that I swear by:

     1. Avoid High Noon - When the sun is directly above our clients, the shadows fall on their face/body instead of in front of or behind them. Not to mention the direct sun really heats things up quick which is no fun for anyone. On a hot sunny day, the farther f...

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